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Calligraphy lessons, preferably in English

Discussions about how to find those things that are not immediately obvious

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Re: Calligraphy lessons

Postby Juba » 10 Nov 2004, 22:32

There is a private calligraphy tutor with a shop front on the south side of Heping East Road close to the junction with Wenzhou Street. No idea whether he/she can speak English or what he/she charges.
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Thinking of Having Kids (xiǎng yào shēng xiǎo hái)
Thinking of Having Kids (xiǎng yào shēng xiǎo hái)
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Postby Mucha Man » 11 Nov 2004, 10:37

When I wanted to study Chinese painting I had an former pupil who was then attending Shi-Da post an online ad for me on one of the university boards. He specified that I wanted someone who could speak English.

I found a student who was in her last year studying to become a elementary school art teacher. She knew how to present and explain painting skills and techniques very well.

I would recommend her but she disappeared after a few lessons. :s

In any case, it might work for you. Another option is to post an ad at one of the Mandarin language schools like TLI.
“Everywhere else in the world is also really old” said Prof. Liu, a renowned historian at Beijing University. “We always learn that China has 5000 years of cultural heritage, and that therefore we are very special. It appears that other places also have some of this heritage stuff. And are also old. Like, really old.”
Mucha Man
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Chinese Calligraphy Class taught in English?

Postby toogus » 10 Feb 2011, 02:12

Does anyone know if there are any Chinese calligraphy classes in Taipei that are taught in English? My partner who I dragged over here doesn't know any Chinese nor is he really interested in learning it. He does, however, have a very strong interest in learning Chinese calligraphy and experiencing the whole zen practice of it. I guess since so much is visual there doesn't need to be that much English involved, but I know that all Chinese settings can sometimes be intimidating for him.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
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