tapatalk stopped showing "Participated"

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tapatalk stopped showing "Participated"

Postby JimmyTheSaint » 01 Feb 2012, 21:47

I've been using Tapatalk to access the forums for some time. About a week ago, the category "Participated" stopped working correctly. The rest of the app works fine on Forumosa, and "Participated" works on other forums. But at Forumosa, my twenty or so "Participated" have started showing one of two errors: 1) it incorrectly reports "Total 0 participated Topics," or 2) it reports "Total 22 participated Topics," but it shows all blank as if there were zero. I've tried accessing from different networks, but that didn't make a difference. I tried changing Tapatalk's theme in case they were there but somehow unseen, but that's not it either. I'm getting this behavior on two different devices: Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy 7.7. Any suggestions how to trace the error?
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