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SQL Crashes on Forumosa- for the Admin team

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Let us know how you feel about the website and tell us how it could improve. You can also send e-mail to admin (at) if you have any problems accessing the forums

Re: SQL Crashes on Forumosa- for the Admin team

Postby goose egg » 31 May 2012, 12:32

I gotta find out where all this sour cream is coming from

I'm sorry to hear you are going quiet Plasmatron. Hope to hear from you on Forumosa soon

FWIW, our logs tell us that last night's server restoration meant a loss of 20 hours of posts (we started daily backups in November) and the server problems cited only began last week (not "weeks")

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Re: SQL Crashes on Forumosa- for the Admin team

Postby engerim » 06 Jun 2012, 07:57

I added this bits to the part of the code where the SQL error appears:
Code: Select all
$backtrace = "SQL error on request: " . $sql . "\nBacktrace:\n" . get_backtrace();
mail ( '', 'SQL error on Forumosa', $backtrace);

I also increased the number of maximum connections on Wednesday.
So in case this happens again we'll get immediately informed.

The server has been stable since the upgrade. Forumosa had a few out of memory errors before, not now anymore.

I guess the main reason is that the database is huge. You can go back in nearly 13 years of posts.
The oldest one: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=3968#p23648
The posts table alone is about 1.1 GB. Totally we have 2.4 GB of pure text data.
This isn't 'just' an average phpbb installation, For the "user experience" I take it that it is being worked on.
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