How do you feel after a day of work?

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Re: How do you feel after a day of work?

Postby jimipresley » 12 May 2012, 15:54

Skater bum wrote:I believe the people in the other thread are in denial. I am very qualified and far from a loser. You are not a real teacher you are pretty much doing your job right when you just shut up and take abuse from your student day in day out until you break, then the school throws you out and replaces you with the next one in line.

Congratulations! :bravo:

Nonetheless, you are a prime example of why English teachers exist. :bow:
You can live here and have a great life and not be the least bit into living the local life. Clowns will try to diss you for it saying you gotta get down with the program, but fuck em, treat this place like a buffet and yous be on a diet. Take what you want and nothing extra, slam those oysters, but leave the bread sticks and dinner rolls behind. - Deuce Dropper

I'm much more of a nasty rotter in real life, especially with vapid or vacuous verbiage from the ill read & intellectually challenged. - TheGingerMan

Don't be a cheap cunt. - Deuce Dropper
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