teaching "step"/ years of experience

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teaching "step"/ years of experience

Postby chris1234 » 15 Jun 2012, 06:22

Have any certified teachers tried to get experience verification forms from their TW schools sent back to the USA for credit towards advanced certification from their state or a salary step with their local school district? If so, how did the process go?

I imagine buxibans don't count and international schools do. So, I'd mostly be interested in the experiences of people who taught in public schools or private, FT programs that aren't cram schools.

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Re: teaching "step"/ years of experience

Postby ironlady » 15 Jun 2012, 07:28

I got step credit from a vocational high school in Taiwan (which was private, not public) and even from university teaching there -- at one job, but not at another. It really depends on the individual district in the States and on your negotiation skills, and what the district rep ate for breakfast that day. :D
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