What do you guys know about Jump Start in Tainan?

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What do you guys know about Jump Start in Tainan?

Postby Ihoop » 20 Jun 2012, 22:17

Hey all,

I am tempted to take this job I have just been offered by Jump Start of Tainan. They seem like really good people, and the hours are better for me (daytime). Looks like around 4.5 of teaching a day(spaced out), M-F. Salary is 56 a month

If anyone has any experience with this school I would love to gain some insight! I am pretty excited about this potential job

Take care

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Re: What do you guys now about Jump Start in Tainan?

Postby Alesistrata » 20 Jun 2012, 22:51

I work for headstart at one of the Taipei branches and I actually really enjoy it. I've never had any real problems with the school at all - though I have to say that I've never worked anywhere else either. They seem pretty put together and are really nice. Maybe its different since I'm at a different branch/Headstart instead of Jumpstart - however I'd recommend them.
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Re: What do you guys know about Jump Start in Tainan?

Postby John Yu » 21 Jun 2012, 10:22

I worked for Jump Start in Taipei too and hated it. But that's probably because I dislike BXB teaching to begin with and was stuck with a particularly troublesome group of kids.
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