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Adult Buxibans are still BUXIBANS

Moderator: Tempo Gain

Adult Buxibans are still BUXIBANS

Postby Confuzius » 27 Jul 2012, 00:03

OK, little vent.

I got my great Adult school where my ARC is based, couldn't be happier there except I need more hours (do not think they are doing THAT well) but the pay is good, they're legit and have their sh*t together.

But, since I need more hours I have taken another job at another adult school. This school gives me TONS of hours, so many I have to turn them down. But, I see a big difference between the first school and second:

1st school (arc school) focuses on quality (perhaps why they are smaller) 2nd school focuses on quantity (perhaps why they are bigger)

Rant # 1
Even though I told them I would ONLY teach adults, they now throw in middle school children, some classes have more middle schoolers than adults now! Which is strange, since they are adult classes. And since you teach adults and children differently, the classes inevitably suck a little since no one's needs can be fully met.

Rant #2
They started me off in a large room, with plenty of room for activities, discussions, multimedia, etc. Now, me and my 15+ (fluctuates) students are stuffed in a tiny room, where I have to literally double stack a few students against the wall to be able to fit everyone. Multimedia use? HA! With that many people there is no room to even plug up the projector let alone situate it properly.

Rant #3
The place is FILTHY! The floors are so dirty and gross there are black STEAKS of dirt upon dirt. Seriously.

Rant #4
So I have been subbing 2 classes there additional to my own classes, 2 of which I sub on the same night, one after the other. So I finish my first class, then go ask them which room the second class is going to meet (as this also can fluctuate each and every time) and they tell me "Oh, the teacher is back, did we not tell you?" NO YOU DIDNT FUCKING TELL ME ASSFACE! No biggie, I was tired, have a cold and honestly preferred to go home. It was also not a huge deal since I was already there and taught a class before, so no wasted trip, but SERIOUSLY?!?!? You're not going to tell me that I no longer need to sub, when last week I ASKED you when the teacher would be back?!?!?? If I had not already had to be there for the other class and had wasted a trip in the pouring rain, I would have seriously been pissed, though now I am just irked at their continuous lack of professionalism.

So I think I am going to quit working for them after the summer and find a different second job.

But I guess this is the difference between an adult buxiban and a legitimate adult school.
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Combat Zone Mama-san (zhànqū māma sāng)
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Adult Buxibans are still BUXIBANS

Postby headhonchoII » 27 Jul 2012, 07:15

Ever think about running your own adult school/club. Can't be that hard with monkeys like that running things. Teachers do all the work anyway.
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