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Teacher Resources in Taipei

Moderator: Tempo Gain

Teacher Resources in Taipei

Postby Alien » 25 Jan 2002, 09:19

I'd like to introduce some valuable information to all English teachers in Taipei.

Whether you're interested in learning some new methodologies to try out with your classes, or looking for a coursebook to use with a private student, the following locations may be beneficial to your search.

There's an online database called,


which is a compiled search engine for educational issues. If you click on the EricDatabase tab, it will take you to the search engine where you can input your focus.
Try to be as narrow as possible, and you should be rewarded with a wealth of info. [ie>syllabus design]
Usually, the engine returns listings which can be found in professional TESOL publications.
If you want to order from them, it's possible, but you CAN find most of the journals here in Taipei!

Shi Ta University, has an English library which is stocked with journals. There, you can find TESOL Quarterly, TESOL Journal, ELT Journal, MET, TESP Journal, Applied Linguistics, and many, many others.
The latest editions are on the display shelf where you enter, and the older volumes can be found in bound form on the shelves. There are books ranging from sociolinguistics to lexical studies, in the basement.
You cannot take out these journals or books, but there's a copy machine provided which you can use. Buy a copy card for $130 NT, in the basement.

To find the English library:
It's across the street from the main library and Mandarin Training Centre, so it's on the Shi Ta Road side. Enter the gates and go through to the back building, take a right, and go to the end of the hall. The English library which has journals, etc, is on that floor. To get to the basement book library, just go down the steps at the end of the hall. If you get lost, ask someone for the "engwen du shu gwan".

If you prefer to buy teachers resource books, the best local selection is available at Cranes Publishing, on Hoping East Road, section 1, Number 109, 6F. You'll have to ring the buzzer to gain entrance, and Caves Books.
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