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Dalson schools..

Moderator: Tempo Gain

Dalson schools..

Postby maako » 02 May 2002, 14:55

Beware of the chain of Dalson schools in Taipei..
They`re having big economical problems & don`t keep their promises when it comes to payday...
My deal started with 600 NT$ per hour, but when it came to payday the headoffice decided to give me a salary that lowerd my income by 11000 NT$..
Then they fired almost everyone at the headoffice, so when you call there no one wants to take the blame...

Then they wanted me to transfer to another Dalson in Xindian called "Ankan"?
But the deal was even worse there..
The manager wanted me to work overtime without any pay & gave me a suck-ass-contract to sign..
She was polie & everything, but the contract was baaad...
It didn`t even have the schools name in it, it sait "The School".. But they wanted me to write down my passport number and name... & I wasn`t going to get a copy of the contract..
I didn`t get a good feeling at all & they said: But you have to accept this contract!
Well, I didn`t.. So for now they don`t have any English teacher there at all (they still charge the parents for the classes though..), but I don`t recommend you to apply for a job, because they will cut of your arm!

Dalson schools..

Postby Bu Lai En » 07 May 2002, 12:21

I work for a Dalsons in one of my jobs and I'll add this:

This school (kindergarten) is one of the best known to Chinese in Taiwan (very old). However, hardly any foreigners have heard of them becuase they only started hiring foreigners about 2 years ago when I started. Their Englsih programmes is very basic. One teacher at each kindergarten with kindergartens having between 60 and 500 schools.

Head Office are really bad and will dick you with contracts, but they NEED the teachers so you can stand up for what you want. The only reason I work there is my branch is fantastic (and they're 2 minutes from my house). I get along so well with my principal, the teachers and parents. I have complete freedom and support in my classroom.

They are havong BIG problems and the whole structure of the school is going to change this summer (when I'm going to leave them), so you'll be on your own for negotiating a deal with them.

If you're getting less than either 600 an hour or 60000 a month then you're getting less than what everbody else who started at the beginning of the semester gets. Demand full pay. Don't work overtime.

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Bu Lai En
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Thinking of Staging a Coup (xiǎng yào gǎo zhèng biàn)
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