Should I get TEFL/TESOL?

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should I get TEFL/TESL?

Postby George K. Herzog » 30 Apr 2002, 13:45

I'm currently enrolled in a TESOL distance learning masters program via the University of Edinburg, Scotland. I'll never have to go to Scotland and have 5 years to complete the 8 courses and a disertation. They want three years work experience in teaching.

Sometimes it is hard, but I have learned a lot. It cost $300,000NT and you get a Masters of Education from a good solid university.

Professional development is a reality. If you hang out in Taiwan for five years, you may go home to a dead-end job. If you develop,you might find a pleasant and surprising network of friends and travel world-wide.

My philosophy is [1] do your job, [2] keep your job, [3] prepare for the next job. It is a life without a dead-end.. [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]
George K. Herzog



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