Jamaica (Shi-Da Night Market area) 牙買加

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Re: Jamaica (Shi-Da Night Market area) 牙買加

Postby Lili » 04 Jan 2012, 19:51

They just changed their menu. Higher prices for the same or now-worse food.
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Re: Jamaica (Shi-Da Night Market area) 牙買加

Postby rosarot » 05 Jan 2012, 02:55

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Re: Jamaica (Shi-Da Night Market area) 牙買加

Postby ironlady » 05 Jan 2012, 05:19

They're still the last of a dying breed: a place you can sit for hours with a tea costing NT$50 (probably; it used to be NT$40). I don't think anyone ever expected Cordon Bleu cuisine there in the first place (though the Thai coconut chicken wasn't bad; hope they still have that one.)
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