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fettucini alfredo

Moderator: citizen k

fettucini alfredo

Postby Ovechkin » 29 Feb 2012, 22:42

where can I find an italian place that serves a simple fettucini alfredo that doesnt cost $350 for a tray that is so small I have to burp to remember what it tastes like?

I've been to some great italian places but the cost is really high for a really small portion...any suggestions would be great! thank you!
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English Teacher with Headband (bǎng tóujīn de Yīngwén lǎoshī)
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Re: fettucini alfredo

Postby citizen k » 04 Mar 2012, 10:51

If you want big American-style portions, head to Gordon-Biersch, Chili's, Friday's and the like. They all have pastas.
citizen k
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Re: fettucini alfredo

Postby Dragonbones » 04 Mar 2012, 13:07

I recommend Encore for value and quality, but no fettucini alfredo, sorry.
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Guan Yin (Guānyīn)
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Re: fettucini alfredo

Postby elektronisk » 04 Mar 2012, 15:49

I feel your pain so here you go.

WaLiLei. Ask Dino for it. It will probably be in the 300s but it will be more than than one person should eat and better than one deserves.

By far the best trattoria that I have been to in Taiwan.
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Lost Winning Lotto Ticket (zhòngjiǎng cǎiquàn nòngdiū le)
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Re: fettucini alfredo

Postby BigJohn » 05 Mar 2012, 11:50

Le Rouge near Xinpu MRT station in Banqiao has it. You can order a normal version or design your own, like extra bacon or add a poached egg, etc.

Depending on what you order, you'll end up paying 300+, for sure. But the portions are reasonably generous.
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