Restaurant/Club for 120-people party?

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Restaurant/Club for 120-people party?

Postby Elias » 04 Mar 2012, 17:21


My company is turning 10 years old in April and I want to throw a big party with a band ( and some other entertainment for 100-120 people. I have been visiting most of the big hotels and they all seem a bit unnecessarily pricy once all their extras are included. Could there be a restaurant or a club big enough for 120 people and a band that could be available 6-10.30 on Friday night (April 20)? I was thinking maybe some bar or lounge bar that doesn't get busy until later.

I do want 120 people to sit down and eat (preferably self serve buffet) with view of the stage and later be able to mingle and listen to the entertainment.

I would appreciate some thoughts.

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