Awesome Cafes in Taipei

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Awesome Cafes in Taipei

Postby bck » 14 May 2012, 16:49

I started compiling a list of cafes and there's just too many, so maybe you can help me!

Looking for owner-run AWESOME cafes in Taipei city (not chains) Tianmu/east side/university areas, etc that could have an interest in also selling cupcakes. There a ton of cafes around my neighborhood (Minsheng neighborhood) but every one I've approached so far is all concerned that the cupcakes will compete with the desserts they already sell. (it's totally different *sigh...)

most of the famous cafes already have in house bakeries, so I guess I'm looking for either startups or if someone knows a 老闆 who might be interested!!

Thanks anyone for suggestions!
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