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Quiet place to study?

Moderator: citizen k

Quiet place to study?

Postby gnaij » 04 Jun 2012, 16:45

I have a big test coming up and need to get away from the house. Anyone know a somewhat-quiet place to study with wifi?

I am near Zhongxiao Dunhua / Zhongxiao Fuxing.
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Re: Quiet place to study?

Postby asiababy » 04 Jun 2012, 19:42

The library? Free wi-fi. Quiet. Ok, can't eat or drink there but it's good start in the meantime. You might be able to go there in the mornings, say, then move to a cafe when it opens later in the day.

Addresses in English here:
Family-friendly events and destinations Taiwan-wide.
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Re: Quiet place to study?

Postby PapaAzucar » 05 Jun 2012, 19:04

There was another thread related to this a while back.
I've found that franchised cafes like Dante Coffee, Mr Brown, etc. to be sufficient.

Some places it is better to buy the Wifly card, so you have access at Starbuck's, Burger King, KFC, etc.

Last time I was at Eslite in Xinyi, they had open wifi, but I could not connect to it.
My guess is that there were too many devices connected to that access point.

If you don't mind Taiwanese food cafe, there is a neat little place near Guting MRT called Mix Coffee Tea.
The food is not the best, but they have free wifi and the upstairs is pretty quiet.

Edit: Here is the info for the Taipei free pubic wifi network
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Chair-throwing Legislator (rēng yǐzi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
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Re: Quiet place to study?

Postby Jaboney » 05 Jun 2012, 19:14

Artco... coffee shop near the corner of Fuxing and Bade.
Can get busy and loud around lunch, and it's a bit more expensive, but it's worthwhile.
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Re: Quiet place to study?

Postby Coolguy123 » 20 Nov 2013, 13:01

Thought I would contribute some info to this thread on my search for cafes with wifi in Taipei.

One of the best ways is just to get the taipei free and then go to a starbucks and use the free wifi. You can sign up and tourist info counters.

Cama cafe has a bunch of locations and seems to have free wifi (and great coffee. They roast their own beans in the front and it's way way better than any coffee shop I've been to in Taipei, including starbucks and dante's coffee which really suck).

Dante Coffee seems to have free wifi but you seems like you need to get a code from the counter (kind of inconvenient).

Starbucks or Mcdonalds do not have free wifi (for some reason, unlike the U.S. and most other countries).

There are a lot of smaller coffee shops that have wifi. I recommend the ones near dongmen on Yongkang street. They can be a little expensive (up to $150 or so for a coffee) but you can order one and just hang out for hours. They are also really nice and it's a cool area.

The other option is you can just get a sim with unlimited internet for $900 per month and hang out at starbucks and buy a cheap coffee.
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