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Moderator: citizen k

Postby Joesox » 09 Mar 2008, 18:00

Mother Theresa wrote:Great selection of burgers, as everyone has said, and reasonable prices. BUT, we waited 45 minutes to be seated (arrived there 1 pm on Sunday), my wife finally gave up in a serious evil mood and left, so I stuck it out with my daughter (for which my wife is now threatening divorce -- seriously :loco: ), and once we were seated we waited another 45 minutes for our burger to arrive.

True, it might've been just bad luck as there was a party of 20 or so college-age Taiwanese ahead of us. But, they still should've done better than that. For instance they kept one table out front empty for over 30 minutes because they said it was reserved. Perhaps it was, but that party (of two) should've lost their reservation once they were 10 minutes late, given the long wait by others.

Anyway, my daughter and I enjoyed our burger. Not huge serving, but definitely tasty. But my wife swore she'll never eat there, and I'm sure that's true. So, I won't be there often either -- pretty much the same as the Diner. Good food but too slow. Definitely not worth it in my case for the seriously insane repercussions. Easier just to go downstairs for noodles.
Forkers, like the Diner, got popular quickly. If I were them I'd be thinking about opening up another branch soon.

Don't let appearances fool you, by the way. Just like the Diner, the clientèle may appear to be mainly Taiwanese, BUT THEY'RE REALLY JUST CHEAPO CANUCK ENGRISH TEACHERS IN DISGUISE! FORKERS IS A SHOCKING SULLYMENT of Taiwan's RESTAURANT INDUSTRY!

Entering Second Childhood (èrdù tóngnián qī)
Entering Second Childhood (èrdù tóngnián qī)
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Postby Nonsequitur » 12 Mar 2008, 16:39

Went there today close to 2pm. About 20 customers being served at the time. Place looked about 3/4 full. Sat outside (there are 4 tables on the patio outside) and waited... then I noticed that there was only one (1) server serving the customers. :S

I have to hand it to her though, she was very efficient. It took her less than a minute to get a menu to me. I, on the other hand, took over 10 minutes browsing through the menu. There's just so much to choose from! I ended up ordering a Canadian burger (using Kobe beef) with Cajun fries, wild green salad, and a diet Pepsi. The salad arrived first (yeah, I know... doesn't always happen here in Taiwan lol) in about 10 minutes and my burger about 20 minutes afterwards. A bit greasy but very, very tasty. The fries appeared a bit overdone but still within the acceptable range so all in all a 6 out of 10. The Diner gets a 7 just for comparison's sake but Forkers will definitely see more of me since it is located in my usual stomping grounds.

Suggestions? I didn't see any Boddington.... I'll reserve further judgment until I've had more from their menu.

Andrew seems to be a nice receptive guy. Have a chat with him if you go there. I'm sure he'll be all ears to any suggestions.

Andrew, wish you all the best on your new venture!

Ah, almost forgot... they do have a website:
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Shoe-wielding Legislator (huīwǔ xiézi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
Shoe-wielding Legislator (huīwǔ xiézi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
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Postby Incubus » 17 Mar 2008, 12:52

Saw Forkers being covered on last night's FTV English news. Though they didn't mention the place by name, it was obvious it's Forkers with the title "Burger Heaven". ... =2008/3/16

Looks like this will only make the already long wait that much longer.
Mahjong Maniac (májiàng mí)
Mahjong Maniac (májiàng mí)
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Postby cire » 20 Mar 2008, 01:22

Yea, went to Forkers recently with the lure of 40 different burgers. There are alot of different burgers but I wound up with a bacon mushroom cheese burger. Not sure what kind of mushrooms were used but didnt look like the regular white ones most commonly found in the states. They didn't detract from the burger though. The burger was fine for me nothing to amazing. I did have the kobe beef patty which is pretty good.

Got the chilli cheese fries with my burger which was pretty good and also the hawaiian pasta salad. I thought the salad was going to be like the macaroni salad you get at L&L hawaiian bbq. Salad was decent.

Also ordered a side of the spinache artichoke dip which i usually love pretty much anywhere. The cheese was too solid at the top when we got it so it was hard to dip through the cheese and get some cheese and the stuff under it. The chips we got were pretty stale.

My friend got the salmon wrap appetizer which she said was ok.

Service was... ok but very very slow. Felt like it took forever to get the burgers and the appetizers arrived after the burgers got to our table which was kind of annoying.

Over all seems like a decent place if you are in the area and craving a burger. Might go back to try different burgers for the novelty but beyond that not really digging it.
Chair-throwing Legislator (rēng yǐzi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
Chair-throwing Legislator (rēng yǐzi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
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Postby glaikit » 20 Mar 2008, 07:14

I agree that the menu in this place is truly mouth-watering. However, when we went there recently during lunch break, we actually had to leave before the burgers came! The salad starter came quickly enough, but after waiting 35 mins for the burgers, we decided there would not be enough time before we had to go back to work. Paid for the salad and coffee and left without having sampled the famous burgers. So the service, at least on that afternoon, was very slow and it's not somewhere I would recommend unless you have lots of time to wait.
Memorized My Password (gāng jìhǎo zìjǐ de mìmǎ)
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Postby Dr. McCoy » 03 Apr 2008, 12:38

I finally made it to those Forkers. Wednesday about 12:30 for lunch. Not crowded at all. I had the classic cheeseburger just to see how well they do on the basics. Very good. I would prefer that they don't put dressing on it, but I suppose I can tell them that next time. I had the salad of the day which was beets. I'd tell more about that but I'm not a beet writer. Nice Forkers.
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Dr. McCoy
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Postby citizen k » 03 Apr 2008, 16:07

I spoke to Joe on the weekend at hockey. He and Andrew are very grateful to everyone for making Forkers such a success. He did say to apologize to anyone who has had delays with service. They've been adding more and more staff from the outset and just when he thinks he's got it, there are even more people coming to check out the place and have a bite. Anyway, they both say thanks for making the restaurant a success.
citizen k
"Drinks for the House!"
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Postby Jaboney » 03 Apr 2008, 16:32

I'm sitting in Forkers right now. Damn good!
First time, definitely not the last.
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Maitreya Buddha (Mílèfó)
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Postby Dr. McCoy » 06 Apr 2008, 21:11

I went to Forker again today. This time I brought the whole forking family. I had a triple bypass.
I would like to put them in my pantheon of great cheeseburgers of Taipei, but I'm afraid that, though they get A for effort, they are but second-tier. And that is pretty good.
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Dr. McCoy
Maitreya Buddha (Mílèfó)
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Postby k.k. » 06 Apr 2008, 21:45

I tried to go a week ago during the week. Opening at 12noon cramped my style. I was hoping to sneak in around 11 and get out by 12 or so. Nope.

But I will try again. The comments on the thread seem to suggest it's worth a go.
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"Drinks for the House!"
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