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Paulaner Bräuhaus - German/Bavarian @ Guandu MRT / TNUA

Moderator: citizen k

Re: Paulaner Bräuhaus - German/Bavarian @ Guandu MRT / TNUA

Postby greenmark » 19 Nov 2010, 22:06

Just thought I'd mention - it seems that Paulaner have opened another restaurant - this time near Nanjing East Road MRT within the new "Urban 1" shopping mall.

Seems pretty quiet in there are the moment. But they promise live bands so when word gets out it should pick up
High School Triad Member (gāozhōng liúmáng)
High School Triad Member (gāozhōng liúmáng)
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Re: Paulaner Bräuhaus - German/Bavarian @ Guandu MRT / TNUA

Postby John » 12 Feb 2012, 19:44

Hubby and I made the trip from Keelung (Jilong) city to try the TNUA Paulaner Bräuhaus and I was mightily disappointed.

I had the meat platter. I might have expected too much, as I've had the joy of trying numerous meats platters in Koln, but I thought it was a pretty nasty effort. The sausages could have easily been bought at Costco, and the pork with crackling had an offensive, overpowering stench to it.

Hubby was happy with his rice dish (a mushrooms and bacon concoction), and his mushroom soup. I was a bit peeved that he chose rice, instead of a more German style dish, but in the end he might have made the better choice (how can you go wrong with rice)

However, NT$2200 for two (no alcohol) is FKN ridiculous! I had a better and cheaper experience at zumfass ( )

Paulaner Bräuhaus is high on my NOT recommended list.
Chinese Class Dropout (Zhōngwén kè zhōngchuòshēng)
Chinese Class Dropout (Zhōngwén kè zhōngchuòshēng)
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Re: Paulaner Bräuhaus - German/Bavarian @ Guandu MRT / TNUA

Postby Tomas » 12 Feb 2012, 19:47

Yep, it's not good. Expensive and very middling fare. Wendels is MUCH better.
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Presidential Advisor (zǒng tǒng gù wèn)
Presidential Advisor (zǒng tǒng gù wèn)
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Re: Paulaner Bräuhaus - German/Bavarian @ Guandu MRT / TNUA

Postby urodacus » 12 Feb 2012, 20:29

nd there's one in terminal 2 at Taoyuan airport, just pretzels and beer. Basically one level above the passport control counters at departure.
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