cheap food in Tianmu

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Re: cheap food in Tianmu

Postby sulavaca » 24 Dec 2011, 00:09

My favorite cheap food is just off Tianmu West Rd., in the alley immediately next to Mc Donald's. There is a small Indian food restaurant, with very limited seating available, that mostly caters for take-away. A good lamb, curry wrap with veggie is around 55NT, and a couple of those is enough to fill a grown man. Tasty, cheap and convenient! What more could a man ask for? All of their food is cheap, yet tasty! If you go there then say Hi to Romeo, the chef and part owner. He's still looking for his Juliet he tells me. :wink:
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Re: cheap food in Tianmu

Postby Taiwan Luthiers » 24 Dec 2011, 00:14

Never mind, I found some biandian place around the Tianmu baseball stadium where I can eat cheaply...
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