Free Download to Teach:Chinese Language Textbook for Children

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Re: Free Download to Teach:Chinese Language Textbook for Children

Postby ironlady » 09 Apr 2012, 11:10

I'll leave this for the moment, but I'm smelling link spam. Especially since a) there is no English site content, other than link titles, which doesn't make it very useful for English-speaking people (you know, like the majority of the people on this board); b) the materials are soooooooo Taiwanese that anyone thinking they will work with little non-Taiwanese kids will be in for a surprise (too cutsie by far for kids in the US, for example); and most of all...

c) The site requires you to complete a questionnaire to get the "free" material.
《華語小學堂》大放送,最完整的教學資源等你來下載台灣知識庫提供免費的《華語小學堂》教材,讓全球中文老師都能親身體驗溝通式教材的魅力。限時活動,請把握良機! ... =toPurpose
Not only a questionnaire, too! You have to:
Log in to their site (giving up your e-mail);
Wait three days to be "verified";
Get a code for the download;
Experience "Chinese Wonderland" "straight away" (apparently the meaning of "straight away" is somewhat different at this company...but heck, four days, straight away, it's all the same banana!)
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Re: Free Download to Teach:Chinese Language Textbook for Children

Postby E04teacherlin » 09 Apr 2012, 12:19

I agree with Ironlady, but I do think their target market is not the average foreigner in Taiwan trying to learn Chinese. It seems to be aimed at Chinese teachers rather than students.
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