Flashcards as a learning/teaching method

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Flashcards as a learning/teaching method

Postby ehophi » 29 Apr 2012, 04:42

Meh, I've made flashcard decks that teach Mandarin better than any instructor or textbook would. If you're willing to dig past the first page of Google results and get creative with your search terms, you'll actually find a goldmine of free stuff that is equally or more effective than any single textbook would be.

Hell, an app like Pleco or Memeo (think CC-Edict plus built-in flashcard app), honest self-checking, some personally interesting reading material, and a good computer dictionary could replace 99% of what some professional college instructors offer.
Study Chinese at your leisure.
(Disclaimer: There's no moneyback guarantee because it's already free. You're welcome.)
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