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Which Language School is best in Tainan?

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Which Language School is best in Tainan?

Postby dan2006 » 31 Jul 2012, 20:07

I live in Kaohsiung now but my job is in Tainan, so I will be in Tainan pretty much every day so I decided since my mornings are free to start a Mandarin study course in Tainan. Since the course is in the morning, I can grab lunch, and get to my teaching job in the afternoon with little worry about the time.

I was looking online at my choices:

1. There is a Kun Shan university in Yongkang, which is close to where my job is.
The website isn't the best laid out and I can't find the prices at all

2. There is also a Southern Taiwan university, STUT, which seems the cheapest of all, $21600 a semester, but i notice it is only 135 hours a semester, whereas other schools are 150 hours or more. The bonus is that it is also close to my work, and they are willing to give a new student an outright scholarship of $10000nt up front if you book 2 semesters, and then after that if you are there for 2 semesters in a row, they may be willing to give a tuition scholarship at their discretion. It also appears they have 2011 enrollment info up so it shows how often that website is updated, and possibly, perhaps they don't even have that department up and running anymore.

3. Then there is NCKU which I have heard people glowing about. Their YouTube video and info I have read show it to be a good place, but tuition seems to be on the high end there at $31100 for the fall semester, but it shows it is a 11 week course at 15 hours a week so 165 hours for a semester so more hours than Southern Taiwan university.
I can't see any mention of the university having a scholarship program.

I was sure that someone posted of another university that has a MTC in Tainan but I can't find it again.

Does anyone have any info on the above universities and study options in Tainan?

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Combat Zone Mama-san (zhànqū māma sāng)
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