What's a good place to learn chinese part-time?

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What's a good place to learn chinese part-time?

Postby stanny » 09 Aug 2012, 16:07

I am trying to find some afternoon classes with a good group environment, part time only. Know any good places in Taipei? Completely basic.
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Re: What's a good place to learn chinese part-time?

Postby ironlady » 09 Aug 2012, 20:47


Please search the archives...I know it sounds like "we don't want to answer", but really, it's not that we don't want to answer, it's that the question of where to study Chinese has been discussed over and over on these boards. Most (but not all) places that offer Chinese study will offer some sort of part-time arrangement.

Maybe you could read past comments, pick out a few places that sound appealing, and then ask about those if you have specific questions?
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