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Teacher to Student

Postby brettygood » 20 Aug 2012, 22:54


I moved to Taiwan a few months ago, starting work as an English teacher. I came to the country to learn Chinese & have barely managed to find any time with my schedule thus far. I plan on dropping some work hours & start studying a little bit more in the coming months, however, I've recently heard that getting scholarships to study in Taiwan is something that is on the table - in some cases they even offer full-rides to go to schools out here since they want international students so badly. Is there any truth to this? I may consider just teaching part-time & studying full-time for a visa next year if I am able to do what I really came to Taiwan for! If this is true could you possibly point me in the right direction? What schools do this? Is the fact that I already have a BA (in Political Science) & have lived in Taiwan for what will be a year disqualify me from most scholarships?

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