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Postby ORIENTEDdotORG » 23 Feb 2002, 10:17

By popular request, a forum dedicated to "Learning Chinese" has now been created. Many thanks to ironlady who has graciously offered to be our Moderator for this new forum. Official announcements will be included in Monday's Email Bulletin.

If you see previous discussions in other Forums which you feel should be moved to this Forum (that we have overlooked), please write to or with the associated link/URL and let us know. Thanks. [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]


Chinese Language Forum

Postby Christine » 27 Feb 2002, 05:42

Bri... sorry for this delayed response. Just wanted to properly thank you for making the suggestion. We don't always get to read all the postings made to the site (so many!) but one thing we try to catch is, as you pointed out, topic patterns.

If we see similar topics being posted in different places, and better yet, when you folks specifically request for a new one and reason for us why it is justified, we definitely take it into consideration.

It usually takes us some time to:

a) Agree to start a new Forum
b) Find an appropriate moderator
c) Have him/her complete an 'interview profile'
d) Configure this software accordingly
e) Move all related threads over
f) Introduce him/her to the other volunteers
g) Announce it in the following Monday's Email Bulletin

Ironlady was on the ball, it only took us 7 days from the time we saw your posting to get her up and running.

So keep your feedback coming and again, thanks for making the suggestion. We very much appreciate it. What makes this site successful (or not) is our ability to give you guys what you want, as well as the efforts of those who are volunteering their time to help.

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