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Left hand deformation?

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Re: Left hand deformation?

Postby sandman » 23 Oct 2011, 20:33

urodacus wrote:It was a successful but unpopular method about 15-20 years ago in junior school to convert lefties into righties. They severed the nerves in the left hand and forced them to use the right. Worked pretty well, but Taiwan was forced to abandon the technique to be allowed to lobby the WHO for membership.

And people used to think the forced haircuts were bad! :lol:
Actually there was a kid (well, an elderly man now, I suppose) in my primary school class who used to have a deformed left hand from being smashed on the knuckles repeatedly with the blackboard rubber for being left-handed.
Manjusri (Wénshū)
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Re: Left hand deformation?

Postby Isha » 09 May 2012, 22:26

I saw one more person with exact same condition- a man around 45 - 50 years age.

I tried to talk to one lady I know who has this condition but she didn't know English and my Chinese is not good enough for that kind of conversation.
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Newspaper Copyeditor (bàoshè biānjí)
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