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Herbal remedy blamed for high cancer rate in Taiwan

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Re: Herbal remedy blamed for high cancer rate in Taiwan

Postby Mr He » 19 Apr 2012, 23:29

headhonchoII wrote:No I mean there are many prescription drugs that are over prescribed and abused, especially in Taiwan. This is also a factor in livers being damaged.

Also, some people have higher genetic susceptibility to approved drugs, again this is not tested for.

Well, maybe, however Taiwan did not earn the sobriquet Republic of Dialysis by mistake. When a pharmacy company release a new drug, they are put through a very rigorous testing regime, so most issues caused by genetic suspectibility are ruled well and truly out. That leaves outliers like one in 10 million etc, however they would be hard to find anyways. If any genetic susceptibility is found to be remotely common, the FDA will find it, no worries.

Overuse, you cannot guard against doctors oversubscribing, however they always put out guedelines for doctors to follow.

Still that issue is very different from giving people some herb known to cause kidney damage and cancer out of mere tradition and ignorance.
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