Anyone heard of Wakamoto?

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Anyone heard of Wakamoto?

Postby Tony the Tiger » 04 Aug 2012, 18:00

So I got food poisoning a few weeks ago, again. Ever since I started living in Taiwan, I have gotten food poisoning quite frequently.

Of course my Taiwanese parents and their friends will always say stuff like "oh it's because your immune system is not good", "you body is too weak", etc. Nevermind the fact that in all the years that I lived in California, I didn't get food poisoning a single time.

It was during one of these discussions that they mentioned some type of daily supplement. Supposedly, you take these pills everyday and it'll strengthen your stomach and intestines. I assumed they were talking about probiotics.

So my mom came home with this bottle called "Wakamoto". I'm not sure what it is as all the writing is in Japanese and Chinese. I looked it up and found their website:

Has anyone tried this stuff or know what it is?
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Re: Anyone heard of Wakamoto?

Postby Kea » 04 Aug 2012, 18:34

Sounds like your body is too weak and your immune system is not strong enough. Hit the hills.
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