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Postby miso » 24 Mar 2004, 11:05

as far as I know there are a few things that help according to Chinese medicine. one is called "san yao". another is a tea called 'huh so wu".

what's the chinese for that? I know someone who would be interested in trying this out.....

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Hair Loss

Postby bigmoose » 24 Feb 2005, 20:18

Finta(finasteride) costs about 1500-2000 for 30 tabs-chop into four = 120 tabs = 4 months = +-nt $ 400 per month.
It works well,I have been using for some time. Side effects are minimal.Also good for prostate.
Buy in bulk and save(buy 10 boxes,get 1 free),so ask around.
A better product will soon be available,Dutasteride,so keep asking.
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