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Study: Tea helps keep blood pressure down

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Study: Tea helps keep blood pressure down

Postby cableguy » 28 Jul 2004, 03:25

Drinkers of green and oolong tea are less likely to develop high blood pressure than nondrinkers, a Taiwanese study said Monday.The risk of hypertension, a condition that can lead to heart disease and stroke, declined the more green or oolong tea was consumed regularly, the study by researchers from National Cheng Kung University in Tainan, Taiwan, said.

Some varieties of tea contain 4,000 chemical compounds, including flavonoids that help protect against heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure, study author Yi-Ching Yang wrote in the report published in The Archives of Internal Medicine.

None of the 1,500 participants suffered from hypertension at the start of the study, and those who drank between 120 and 599 milliliters (4 to 20 fluid ounces) of tea per day for at least a year prior had a 46 percent lower risk of developing high blood pressure than nondrinkers.

Drinking 600 milliliters of tea or more a day lowered the risk of hypertension by 65 percent, the study showed.

Few of the participants drank black tea.

About 40 percent of the study subjects were regular tea drinkers, and they were more likely to be younger men who smoked more, drank more alcohol and ate fewer vegetables.
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Re: Study: Tea helps keep blood pressure down

Postby TonAng » 28 Jul 2004, 09:17

cableguy wrote:About 40 percent of the study subjects were regular tea drinkers, and they were more likely to be younger men who smoked more, drank more alcohol and ate fewer vegetables.

...oh god, they were all British! Did they talk about the weather a lot as well? :oops: :eek:
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Postby MaPoSquid » 28 Jul 2004, 19:13

Unfortunately, the caffeine in tea also interferes with blood sugar regulation, making it harder to control diabetes. ... feine_dc_3
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Caffeine could interfere with the body's ability to handle blood sugar, thus worsening type 2 diabetes, U.S. researchers said on Monday.

The team at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina found a strong correlation between caffeine intake at mealtime and increased glucose and insulin levels among people with type 2 diabetes.

The findings are significant enough that the researchers recommend people with diabetes consider reducing or eliminating caffeine from their diets.

"It seems that caffeine, by further impairing the metabolism of meals, is something diabetics ought to consider avoiding. Some people already watch their diet and exercise regularly. Avoiding caffeine might be another way to better manage their disease. In fact, it's possible that staying away from caffeine could provide bigger benefits altogether."

So whether or not you should drink tea depends on what your problem is.
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