Counseling in Kaohsiung?

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Counseling in Kaohsiung?

Postby Taiwan_Student » 27 Aug 2004, 01:54

Are there any good English speaking counselors or psychologists in Kaoshiung (Gaoxiong) City?
Someone with an orientation toward Cognitive Psychology or behaviorism and versed in cross cultural differences would be best.
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I'm posting like Shakespeare (1564~1616)
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Postby bushibanned » 27 Aug 2004, 22:18

I know in taipei there is a community center that offers councelling.... by foreigners to foreigners... I'm sure if you got in touch with them they would be able to recommend someone in Kaoshiung (Gaoxiong). do a search on the net for community center taipei. it's located in Tianmu
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