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Postby angelmae3995 » 13 Feb 2011, 20:44

blueulyssess wrote:hernia...that causes acid reflux right?

yes i hate doctors! they perscribe medications like candy...I've gone through a terrible experience because of that mentality...and if they can't find anything wrong with you , they think you're crazy and perscribe anti depressants...or if you have a not so common side effect from a drug..they dont believe you! they always assume that you are part of the majority and not the minority who can have bad side effects from a drug which are listed in the RX info !

I believe in holistic naturopathic alternatives before ever popping an antibiotic for something minor!! just my two cents i received from my health trip to hell and back!

Yup.. They don't seem to understand that allergies come in all forms. I get sick a few hours after eating most forms of seafood. Throwing up, weakness.. ect.. they say 'oh you had bad fish' and im like 3 times>? and from shared plates where no one else got sick? "oh then you're not used to eating fish and you need to eat more' .. ok one little bit and my stomach is wretched hours later...
cinnamon.. my allergy is also uncomfortable stomach...
meds.. most penicillians cause me to get a fever.
doctor says you are not allergic... I say shut the fludge up.. there are people whose allergy is that when they eat the certain food they have uncontrolled rage.. sodont try and tell me its not allergy....
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Re: Surgery in Taiwan

Postby mikechaw » 27 Jan 2013, 06:18

Hi, does anyone know the price for a tonsil removal?
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