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Welcome to Xiamen - Medical waste depo of the South China Seas

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Welcome to Xiamen - Medical waste depo of the South China Seas

Postby Baas Babelaas » 20 Aug 2012, 23:30

I was having my daily swim at the least polluted beach here in Xiamen when what do I see bobbing in the water next to me - a CCTV emblazoned bag with four used syringes and needles in it.

Brought it home as I want to get a reporter (TV or print) to do a piece on this - "Laowai finds hepatitis-ridden medical waste in the ocean surrounding China's No.1 Tourist City". Hmm, maybe that wont make it to print.. Lots of lost face. :ponder:

I put this in the Taiwan travel section as Kinmen (Jinmen) is only a couple of kilometres away and the Kinmen (Jinmen) authorties have complained in the past about China's rubbish ending up on its beaches - and

The beach where I swim (more or less)

Meds anybody?

So, come on over to Xiamen for fun in the sun and a hepatitis needle jab whilst out swimming. Just hope Kinmen (Jinmen) isn't severly affected by this problem in the years to come..
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Baas Babelaas
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