8-day Itinerary in Taiwan in May 2012: Advice Needed!

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Re: 8-day Itinerary in Taiwan in May 2012: Advice Needed!

Postby Abacus » 17 Mar 2012, 10:16

GaaraOfTheSand wrote:
Abacus wrote:For example: you're going all the way to Alishan to spend the morning there since you are going to Taichung that night. And you plan on doing something in Taichung that night. More time in transit than actually doing something.

Then what would you suggest so that we are able to cover Alishan and Sun Moon Lake and either Cingjing or Miaoli or any farm stay in 3 to 4 days, plus 1 day for whale watching, so that we could reserve at least 3 days for Taipei?

I have no recommendations that cover this big of a geographic area in 8 days. You're going to have to be okay with spending half days at your destination and half days in transit to the next stop. You're also going to be spending quite a bit of your travel budget (if it's limited) on transportation instead of activities.
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