Anyone interested in an AROUND THE ISLAND TRIP from 7 May on wards?

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Anyone interested in an AROUND THE ISLAND TRIP from 7 May on wards?

Postby M1ck234 » 30 Apr 2012, 21:43

Hi travelers!

My name is Micky and I 23 year old guy from the Netherlands, I arrived 3 days ago in Taiwan and would like to make an around the island trip starting on the east coast and because I am a single traveler, I am looking for people who would like to join me.

Things I would like to see are, Hualian, Taroko gorge, the east-coast,Taidong, Green island, and Kending NP the rest is not planned jet. I was thinking of doing some parts by train, bus, scooter or bike, and camp or stay in hostels along the way. I was thinking of leaving Taipei next Monday the 7th of April.

If this sounds great to you, feel free to contact me perhaps we can meet up!

0981588291 or
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