Organized Scooter/Motorbike Tour of Taiwan (June10th)

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Organized Scooter/Motorbike Tour of Taiwan (June10th)

Postby Mordeth » 02 Jun 2012, 14:42

I do an organized tour and my customers are almost all foreigners who have never been to Taiwan before. I have an open spot on the June 10th's a 7 day lap around the island. I've done the tour 3 times so far and am getting 33% repeat it's going well enough. But if you'd like to take up the free spot on the June tour let me know. It would be a lot cheaper for you since you'd have your own vehicle, but you can choose to rent a scooter from me as well if you don't trust your own to do the trip. Cost would be around...25k . That includes hotels, food, gas.....everything. Only one spot open. Shoot me a msg if you're interested. I have another tour in August...but that one is over booked.
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