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2011年12月17日 沸點:超熱感室內泳池派對 Boiling Point (Indoor Heated Pool Party)

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2011年12月17日 沸點:超熱感室內泳池派對 Boiling Point (Indoor Heated Pool Party)

Postby GreggoNZ » 28 Nov 2011, 01:07

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Boiling Point (Indoor Heated Pool Party)

"Saturday, Dec.17" "12/17 星期六"

Winter can be fun too! Jump into the heated pool for a sexy, fun-filled night!
冬天也可以很好玩! 一起到室內溫水泳池中享受不一樣的冬日樂趣吧!

$350 at door / Pre-Sale $300 Buy 5 get 1 free
門票,$350/ 預售票 $300 買五送一

(Includes 1 FREE drink)

Extreme Pool Party

Hot Springs, Hot Tub, Saunas, Spa, Steam Rooms, Heated Swimming Pool, Free Arcade Games, BBQ, Ping Pong, Beer Bong, Beer Pong, Jello Wrestling, VIP KTV Room
湯泉,按摩池,水療,三溫暖,蒸氣室,烤箱,溫水游泳池,免費遊戲機台,BBQ, 乒乓球,啤酒管,性感果凍摔角,卡啦ok貴賓室。

Free Shuttle Bus: 10pm-12:30 from Xindian MRT
免費接駁車: 10:00pm~12:30pm從新店捷運站出發到大新店游泳池

Happy Hour 10pm-11pm Buy 1 get 1 free drink
歡樂時光: 10:00pm~11:00pm 買一送一

6 international DJs will take you to party heaven!
由6位國際DJ為你放送各種音樂!!!!! 給你整晚停不下來的熱情!!!

Rick Kraft(Taipei/ Canada) rock/alternative/funk/Hard House
Anti Hero(Taipei/ Canada) nu skool breaks/reggaeton/b’more/electro
vDub(Vancouver) nubreaks/mash-up/ electro-grunge
Subtle(Taipei/S.Carolina) hiphop/dub
Edify(Taichung/Vancity) hiphop/dub
Radio Rahim (Taipei/UK) dubstep/grime

Sponsor: Hunter's "EXTREME energy drink"
贊助廠商: Hunter's "EXTREME energy drink"

* No Outside drinks or food allowed. We have all of those available for you at very reasonable prices! Bags will be checked at the front entrance.
* 請勿攜帶外食及飲料, 派對裡供應合理價格的美食及飲料~ 在入口將會有專人服務檢查隨身包包

Happy World Riverside Pool has amazing facilities. Free video arcade games, 4 swimming pools, waterslides, a bar with a BBQ, hot springs, saunas, steam room, spa, indoor showers and beautiful scenery next to the riverside. PartyTaiwan will provide entertainment, drinks, food and music, all at reasonable prices.
大新店游泳池擁有新奇且完善的設施, 並且讓使用顧客免費使用多種遊戲機台, 園區包含四座不同的泳池 湯泉 滑水道 美食區 三溫暖 蒸氣室 SPA等設施, 加上河畔的美麗風景及清新空氣。Party Taiwan將會供應飲食 娛樂及派對音樂, 讓大家用合理的價格享受超值的歡樂!

Getting to Happy World Pool is easy from Xindian MRT Station. Take a 2 minute bus ride on buses 644, 906, or 909 and get off at Qin Qing Riverside Park Bus Stop. Or, take a 10-15 minute walk from Xindian MRT Station along the beautiful riverside park. Make sure you walk along the river to the north on the right side and follow the noise of music and happy people to reach Boiling Point! See you there!
要怎麼去大新店游泳池呢? 在捷運新店站下車後, 可以搭644, 906, 或909號公車, 在"親情河濱公園"下車。或是沿著河岸向北走10到15分鐘, 跟著快樂的人群及美妙的音樂一直走,就會到達池畔啤酒奧運的所在地! 希望能在那兒見到大家!

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Party Taiwan FB:

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