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Radiohead Live in Taipei

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Re: Radiohead Live in Taipei

Postby sandman » 25 Jul 2012, 17:05

trubadour wrote:Where you guys getting your info?

Insiders. Lots of damage control going on. New Aspect is getting serious shit. They've already had to move one of their shows (Cardigans maybe?) from Nankang (Nangang) to NTU sports centre due to their cack-handedness. Chinese firedrill at its finest. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Radiohead Live in Taipei

Postby Super Hans » 26 Jul 2012, 00:07

Well, the performance was great, probably something to do with the "In Rainbows" omen which materialised about an hour before the show started.


I arrived pretty late, but managed to get in no problem. I even got a good, close view in front of the mixing desk.

Man, I grew up with this band. It's always great to see them.
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Super Hans
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Re: Radiohead Live in Taipei

Postby trubadour » 26 Jul 2012, 00:23

It was amazing mate! I feel the same! They sounded so good I couldn't hardly believe how good! Those drums!
Betelnut Beauty (bīnglang Xī Shī)
Betelnut Beauty (bīnglang Xī Shī)
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Re: Radiohead Live in Taipei

Postby Dougster » 26 Jul 2012, 00:54

Was a good performance, very dancy. I envy those who are gonna see them in Fuji.
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Re: Radiohead Live in Taipei

Postby trubadour » 26 Jul 2012, 01:03

Beats were amazing but there were turns that were so touching. Last time I saw them they were quite against rocking-out. So glad they don't bother with that anymore. Still there times when the whole place was silent. Weird audience actually. So blown away by the music. Can't beleve how good it sounded.
Betelnut Beauty (bīnglang Xī Shī)
Betelnut Beauty (bīnglang Xī Shī)
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Re: Radiohead Live in Taipei

Postby citizen k » 26 Jul 2012, 09:02

Great show. I showed up just as it was starting and had no trouble getting in. A few friends went to get numbers to line up at noon and apparently that got a bit mixed-up, at least for the B section, but on the whole I think it went off quite well for an event of that size. The sound was amazing for a show of that size and agree that definitely did rock the house. Glad to have finally seen them!
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