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<< Revolver Listing Events - Feb 2012 >>

Post your upcoming Taipei and Xinbei Events here!
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This forum is for the listing, promotion, and discussion of the specifics of events in Taipei and Xinbei. Please include a date in your title (e.g. 3/25) and - in the post - an address in English if possible. If you are providing the information in the form of an online photograph/flyer/poster, it is also advisable to provide the essential details in text as well, so as to facilitate ease of cut-and-paste.

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<< Revolver Listing Events - Feb 2012 >>

Postby ISLAND JAM » 08 Feb 2012, 23:41

<< Revolver Listing Events - Feb 2012 >>

1ST - DUB ROOTS SESSIONS --------------------- 免費入場/FREE ENTRY
Dub, UK dub & Roots Reggae with Selectah Taili (France)

2nd - SIT DOWN & SHUT THE FUCK UP-----------免費入場/FREE ENTRY
A chilled night of live accoustic acts.

3rd - MELT + UNDER U ------------------------------ $250(元含一杯酒/+Drink)
DJS: Discoattack, Katrina Niu, Rob Jabbaz, Bouncegirlz.

4th - NOW YOUR PLAYING WITH POWER ----------- $300(元含一杯酒/+Drink)
A retro video game art show with DJS: Rob Jabbaz, Marcus Aurelius & LEO37

8th - MELT ---------------------------------------- 免費入場/FREE ENTRY
DJS: SylvAïn, KatrinaNiu & Rob Jabbaz.

9th - 樂團之夜 / BAND NIGHT The Destroys + Mike Mudd + Chen Mo $200(元含一杯酒/+Drink)

10th - 2012 衝撞第四小節-"重擊烏龜" 開春第一撞!!!! --- $300(元含一杯酒/+Drink)
DJS: Simona Blaze, Walk in White 白色大道, Club of Three 梅花參, Coy, 張欽, 芊芊 & VJ Vincent

11th - THE LOVE SHACK 2 ---------------------------- $350(元含一杯酒/+Drink)
LIVE BAND: Funky Brothers + DJS: Digital D, Radio Ra, Syko, Bounce Girls, Robi Roka, Nekbrace, Fernando & Marcus Aurelius

15th - DUB ROOTS SESSIONS --------------------- 免費入場/FREE ENTRY
Dub, UK dub & Roots Reggae with Selectah Taili

16th - 樂團之夜 / BAND NIGHT ------------------------ $200(元含一杯酒/+Drink)
Faded Moment, Reigndear & Phantasy of Mirage.

17th - LADYBEARD/鬍鬚女WuSoLui ------------------- $???(元含一杯酒/+Drink)
LadyBeard = Pro wrestler, Heavy Metaler in Drag + BANDS: The Looking Glass, No Order , Greasy Jelly For Mercy Killing.

18th - 4 ON THE FLOOR ------------------------------- $250(元含一杯酒/+Drink)
DJS: WangHeart, Zulu, Digital D & 8Ball

22nd - MELT ---------------------------------------- 免費入場/FREE ENTRY
DJS: SylvAïn, KatrinaNiu & Rob Jabbaz.

23rd - 樂團之夜 / BAND NIGHT ------------------------ $200(元含一杯酒/+Drink)
Half Mile Radius, young david & Heartones,

24th - 樂團之夜 / BAND NIGHT ------------------------ $300(元含一杯酒/+Drink)
BANDS: Slack Tide, Manic Sheep and The Okay Cars

25th - 讓我們一起玩耍吧--------------------------- ------ $250(元含一杯酒/+Drink)

26th - Night Zoo - Glitch Hop, Techno, Electro. Djs James Ho, Kolete, Fion + Am Stereo --- $250 w/drink
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