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AFTER THE SCREAM 春吶續趴2012年4月13日

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AFTER THE SCREAM 春吶續趴2012年4月13日

Postby GreggoNZ » 11 Apr 2012, 03:52

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Friday, April 13

No.1-2, Sec. 1, Roosevelt Rd, Taipei

票價:$300 / 1 drink


你錯過今年的春吶嗎? 還是你覺得意猶未盡呢? UP AGAINST THE WALL M'F (Steven Vigar/Greggo) 即將要在4/13舉辦「春吶續趴2012」再次讓你High翻整晚,這次將會有三個美國樂團以及兩個台灣樂團帶給你整晚的rock music. The Corrupted也將會在現場帶給你震撼的視覺享受。 如果你錯過了這次,就必須再等上一年,所以快行動,讓你的全身上下都high翻整夜吧!

UP AGAINST THE WALL M'F (Steven Vigar/Greggo) bring to you the 2012 installment After The Scream featuring bands (international & local) who sizzled down south. It's time to recapture the magic in the north!

21:00 The Looking Glass
21:40 Monkey Pilot 猴子飛行員
22:20 Johnny Hi-Fi (USA美國)
23:00 Hsu-nami樂團 (USA美國)
24:00 Exit Clov愛喜可樂 (USA美國)
01:00 Digital D

Johnny Hi-Fi (USA美國)
With more than 10 years and numerous US and Asia tours under their belt, Johnny Hi-Fi\'s alternative rock sound has captured fans all over. From the House-of-Blues America tour to the band\'s videos reaching MTV Chi\'s top 10 video charts, all the attentions helped them land the \"Artist of the Month\" spot on Billboard Magazine\'s Underground series and a feature in Billboard Magazine.

Exit Clov愛喜可樂 (USA美國)
Exit Clov is a 5-piece indie rock band with members from New York City. Exit Clov has a signature sound that is kaleidoscopic, pop & eclectic, consisting of female vocals, string arrangements, synth, and an infectious rhythm section. The band is currently mixing their newest full-length album. In addition, Exit Clov has released a Cover Boy 7\\\\\\\" vinyl, the Memento Mori LP, four EPs to date (2004 Starfish, 2005 Saskwatch, 2006 Jolly Roget and 2007 Respond Respond), and a single, “District Menagerie.”

Hsu-nami樂團 (USA美國)

The Hsu-nami是2005年秋成軍的一支以電子二胡為主角的前衛融合搖滾樂團。在紐約的樂團中佔有一席之地的Hsu- nami擁有出色的音樂才能,在2005年一場充滿爆發力的現場演出後,起迅速累積粉絲。 “Entering the Mandala”(2007) 及 “The Four Noble Truths” (2009),在兩張獨立發行的專輯之後,展開了一系列令人印象深刻的演出。2010年在紐約CMJ Festival摩登天空的中國之夜是標題樂團, 2011年四月,在台灣各地巡迴演出,從墾丁春天吶喊,到高雄,台中及台北。十月在中國鎮江和北京超過十萬人的摩登天空草莓音樂節演出。

The Looking Glass
台灣獨立音樂界的新團體, The Looking Glass樂團, 最初於美國成立, 來到台灣後, 他們以合成器與流行搖滾結合成獨一無二的風格, 讓台灣體驗到新鮮的音樂型態, 他們也因超級high的表演風格而眾所皆知。

Monkey Pilot 猴子飛行員
團員們各自擅長的領域從Hard Rock、Alternative、 Funk、Blues、Reggae 甚至到Metal;,為Monkey Pilot帶來多元的養份,使他們的音樂中有搖滾樂的傳統與創新、粗獷與細膩、認真與詼諧、放肆與堅持...融合成收放自如、舉重若輕的經典美式搖滾。
"Monkey Pilot" refers to the space monkey as well as the spirit of "pioneer" and "the vision to change the world."
Coming from five different musical backgrounds ranging from Hard Rock, Alternative, Funk, Blues, Reggae and even Metal, Monkey Pilot was form in 2006. Everyone’s favorite music style is not quite similar; however, Rock n Roll is the only genre to represent Monkey Pilot. It is also the very same factor of everyone’s diverse music backgrounds that contribute and enrich their music. Authentic and avant-garde, bold and sophisticated, persist and humorous, daring and no compromising…, all in all one could easily trace all sorts of contradictions and conflicts in their music. All of these elements are the perfect mojo as well as bonds for them as a band.

Digital D
Digital D has been dropping phat around different house parties and various venues in Dallas, he relocated to Taipei, but leaving his dj gear behind in the states. Now he is armed and dangerous again and has been lighting up Taipei at places such as DreamGirls, Muse, Revolver, MiCasa and more.

Photography攝影: Up Against The Wall
Visuals: The Corrupted




UP AGAINST THE WALL M'F (Steven Vigar/Greggo) bring to you another UATWMF installment. You remember last years?

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