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Taipei, June 3, Bake Sale for Bosley-Fundraiser

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Taipei, June 3, Bake Sale for Bosley-Fundraiser

Postby Taisan » 24 May 2012, 22:14

Fresh homemade cookies and cinnamon buns for sale on Sunday, June 3, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm at Grandma Nitti's Kitchen on Shi-Da Rd, Lane 93, Number 8 in Taipei.

Peanut Butter Cookies 花生醬餅乾
Snickerdoodle Cookies 肉桂餅乾
Gingersnap Cookies 黑糖餅乾
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies燕麥巧克力碎片餅乾
Double Chocolate Snowball Cookies 巧克力雪球
Cinnamon Buns肉桂捲
Plus, special homemade biscuits for dogs!!! 還有獨家特製專為狗狗烘焙的餅乾!

Facebook Event Page:

All of this homemade goodness will be on sale to raise money to pay directly to the vet to go towards Bosley’s vet care.

Bosley was rescued by four foreign women, who took a wrong turn off a freeway. This poor guy was walking very weakly right through the middle of traffic in the pouring rain on a dark road.
在一個下著傾盆大雨的晚上,我們(4位外籍女士) 在公路要開車下交流道時,看到Bosley正非常虛弱的走在車道上。

It was obvious that he was not able to see or aware of his surroundings and was suffering horribly in his current health condition. As animal lovers, we couldn’t drive past this poor dog without doing something to help him. Bosley was extremely malnourished, dehydrated, weak and covered in over 300 ticks and fleas. Because of this, he had lost his vision and hearing.

Bosley is now living in an animal sanctuary and he is making constant improvements with kind care by the loving staff. His vision and hearing has improved greatly with simple healthy food and water. His fur was shaved in order to get all insects off his body! It's OK Bosley, it will grow back!!

Unfortunately, Bosley has a very rare blood parasite that he needs to have treated once he has put on more weight and is in better health condition. This blood parasite is so rare, that the vet who treated him has never seen any dog with it in his 30 years of treating rescued street dogs!

We are so thankful that Bosley is being cared for, that we can not turn our backs on this handsome guy! 100% of all money raised will be paid to his vet directly!

Please share this event with your friends who love animals or homemade baked goods!! Come on down to Grandma Nitti's Kitchen on Sunday, June 3, 2012 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm to have lunch and buy LOTS OF fresh homemade baking and iced tea. Come early as we will be closing down when we are sold out! Thank you so much for your support! Also, a great big thank you to Grandma Nitti's Kitchen for support of this fundraiser and allowing us to hold this event in front the restaurant and to the animal sanctuary for caring for Bosley and so many other dogs like him!


Grandma Nitti's Kitchen:
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Re: Taipei, June 3, Bake Sale for Bosley-Fundraiser

Postby Taisan » 01 Jun 2012, 00:12

This fundraiser just keeps getting better and better!!

We have been so lucky to receive some nice donations of items to sell to help raise more money for Bosley!!
**A lovely lady has donated her handmade bath soaps and bath bombs They come in a variety of scents such as lavender, rose, eucalyptus and grapefruit!
** Another kind lady has donated some hand made cat nip toys!
** Yet another lady has donated homemade cupcakes

Stop by Grandma Nitti's on Sunday, June 3rd between 1-5 pm to check out these amazing items in addition to an array of homemade cookies and cinnamon buns. Buy some iced tea, have lunch, buy some great things, support a cause! You won't be disappointed...... unless you don't make it there!
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Re: Taipei, June 3, Bake Sale for Bosley-Fundraiser

Postby Taisan » 04 Jun 2012, 12:44

Thank you so much to all those who supported this 'small' fundraising event. It turned out to be more popular than we ever could have imagined so we baked well into the night prior to the sale. We had almost 2000 cookies, 70 cinnamon buns, 40 donated cupcakes, and an abundance of donated hand soaps and bath bombs for sale. Who would have thought that we would have sold out in an hour and raised $60,000ntd so far for poor little Bosley?? Well, I am sure he didn't expect that!!

The street party our front of Grandma Nitti's was a blast! People who hadn't seen each other visiting and chatting while eating these delicious baked goods. It was such a positive friendly atmosphere that we were thrilled to be a part of. Even the people who ventured down especially to support the sale were kind and gracious when told that there weren't even crumbs left for them!

We were able to raise way more than we had anticipated for Bosley's vet bills. So, the rest of the money will be held in trust at the vet clinic that treats so many injured and sick street animals to ensure that other animals in emergency situations will receive the medical attention that they require.

Stay tuned for the next bake sales.....
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