Taiwanease Happy Hour at the Church Bar, 7/7 at 7:00 pm!

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Taiwanease Happy Hour at the Church Bar, 7/7 at 7:00 pm!

Postby maoman » 07 Jul 2012, 09:25

Looking for something to do tonight? Come out and see some old friends, or meet some new ones! We're having a Happy Hour at the Church Bar from 7:00 until the wee hours. It looks like we'll have a sizable crowd out there tonight, so I'm really looking forward to this. Oh, and my folks will be there as well - they'd been to a happy hour at Alleycat's when it was still a one-store operation in a basement on Lishui Street, but this will be their first one since then.

All are welcome!

You can find details for Church Bar (and a printable taxi card) in the Taiwanease directory here.

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