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523 Hike:Qixing pond & Ketagalan mysterious Pyramid relics

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523 Hike:Qixing pond & Ketagalan mysterious Pyramid relics

Postby yiruli » 15 Jul 2012, 09:03

★ 523 Hike:Qixing pond & Ketagalan mysterious Pyramid relics (2012.7.21 Sat) [陽明山七星池和金字塔遺址]
For details please check FACEBOOK--> 523 Mountaineering Association

About 523 Mountaineering Association (Hike*Rock Climbing*Taiwan*group*Taipei)
Chinese Website:
English Website: FACEBOOK--> 523 Mountaineering Association

What is 523? There are two meanings. One is “I love Mountains”
in Chinese, and the other is 523 Mountaineering Association, a
non-profit organization. 523 Mountaineering Association is founded by
alumni from the Mountaineering Club of National Chengchi University.
The association is dedicated to environmental protection and
education. Also, 523 provides people with opportunities to access
nature and aboriginal cultures. Our missions:
1. Advocate the concept of “Leave No Trace” and promote ecological
2. Help the elderly, the handicapped and drop-out students to access
3. Assist international friends to climb mountains in Taiwan and aid
residents in Taiwan to climb overseas mountains.
4. Help people understand the culture of Taiwan’s aborigines.

The trail head will begin from Xiaoyoukeng(小油坑) visitor center, which is famous for its volcanic fumaroles. Then we’re going to walk steep up to the first scene: Qixing pond(七星池), which could be dry during the hot summer. It’s a natural pond in an inner terrain. Afterwards, we’ll keep on hiking to the pyramid relics which was rumored as the secret place of ketagalan tribe. If the time is enough, it’s possible to reach the top of Mt. Qixing(七星山).

★ Gathering Time:
21st of July (Saturday) AM 10:30 (Please be on time!)
★ Gathering Place:
Taipei MRT red line- Jiantan (劍潭站) station Exit 2.
★ Deadline to register:
20th of July or when it’s fully booked. (Limited: 15 people, due to the capacity of bus.)

★ How to register:
1. Please press "Attend" of the activity page of 523 mountaineering Association Group on Facebook

★Leader: Wen, Chulin (0919-932889)

Please note that the registration people are limited within 15, if you are not sure you will attend or not, or the system is accumulated over 15 people, please don’t press “Attend”. Thanks!

2. If you have any questions, please contact leader-Chulin via FB or mobile:0919-932889.

★ Itinerary:
10:30 Meet everyone at MRT red line- “Jiantan” station (劍潭站) Exit 2 and take bus260 & 108. → 12:00 Arrive the trailhead. (Xiaoyoukeng小油坑) → 12:30 Arrive Qixing pond and lunch break. → 14:30 Arrive Pyramid relics →
15:30 walk down and back to Xiaoyoukeng → 16:30 Arrive the Xiaoyoukeng.

ps. We may change the itinerary due to weather condition.

★ Note/ 注意:
1. Personal preparation: Please bring rain gears, a hat, an umbrella, and sunglasses for sun or rain. Prepare your own lunch and enough water, transportation fees.

2. About the route: Due to the steep path, often wet and slippery, please wear leisure clothes and anti-slip shoes. It takes at least one hour to transfer from MRT station to the trail head by buses.

3. The participants have to follow up, don’t leave behind too far. If someone plans to leave earlier, be sure to inform the leader beforehand.

4. Those two main spots are spiritual sites, but the pond could be dry during the hot summer. However, everyone are welcomed and feels free to join us!
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
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