Football: Fantasy Premier League and Superbru 2011/12

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Re: Football: Fantasy Premier League and Superbru 2011/12

Postby bismarck » 22 Feb 2012, 02:08

Dougster wrote:
jimipresley wrote:
Dougster wrote:Looks like Bismarck has given up on super bru updates.

He's very "busy" nowadays. :wink:

I'm sure we'll see a lot more updates when Super Rugby starts. :D

No worries guys.

If nothing else, I will post a finale so Jimi can bask in his own magnificence! :thumbsup:
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Re: Football: Fantasy Premier League and Superbru 2011/12

Postby Matchstick_man » 13 Apr 2012, 07:31

The Super rugby picks strike me as more difficult to pick this week.

Too bad I can't do as well in the EPL.
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