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experimental rocketry

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experimental rocketry

Postby Taiwan Luthiers » 07 Jun 2012, 00:58

I am just throwing it out there...

If I told you that it is possible to do experimental rocketry in Taiwan, would there be any interest?

The necessary chemicals can be purchased at many chemical supply stores (if they don't have it, they can order it). As far as legality goes, it seems the law here says you only need permits to buy more than 50kg of Ammonium/Potassium Perchlorate (that's a LOT of chemical and I wouldn't want that much near me anyways).

Also, there aren't any clear laws in Taiwan forbidding experimental rocketry (it's not really a weapon).

This is the one sport that I really love and because there are no rocketry suppliers here (you can't export/import those things), or at least ones that I'd trust, experimental rocketry is the answer.
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