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[JFRV] No Work Permit Needed .... law Change (May 2003)

Procedures, processes, JFRV, potential documentation difficulties, whether to get married in Taiwan or overseas, as well as legal basis for divorce in Taiwan, including all related problems and pitfalls, child custody, alimony payments, abandonment, extra-marital affairs, and other complications...
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[JFRV] No Work Permit Needed .... law Change (May 2003)

Postby Bennco » 21 Aug 2003, 23:05

I think that this topic applies to more than one forum.

I am an American, just married to a Taiwanese National. I have been talking to a few people (Namely Richard, and the local Foreign Affairs Police here in Taichung) and the information that I have and understand for ANYONE (Regardless of where you are from) if you get married to a Taiwan National is this:

After you meet the requirements for actually getting married (These vary a little from country to country ..... and this is not the topic I am talking about since I am married now and already went thru all of that business - I actually got married here in Taichung and am not planning on "Getting married" in the USA since the USA recognizes foreign marriages with no problems) So, once you actually are legally married to a Taiwan National, as of MID MAY 2003 ? you, as a foreigner - are now allowed to work in Taiwan - period - No JFRV, no work visa from any employer, no personal work permit, etc

Here's the scoop

According to the new revised Article 48 of the Employment Services Act (Which changed as of mid-May 2003 - This year - If you are married to a local national and have permanent residency rights
based on that marriage - then you no longer fall into the Article 51 Category and NO LONGER NEED A WORK PERMIT or VISA to work in Taiwan.

I did not apply for any special JFRV - as I get the impression that they no longer exist. From this document there are now two kinds of work permits in Taiwan. A "Personal Work Permit" and an "Employer based work permit" and you need neither of them - or any work permit if you are married to a local national and have permanent residency rights based on that marriage.

This information also reinforces the information that I got when I was applying for and picking up my ARC (I asked BOTH times and got the same answer BOTH times) - I told them I wanted to live and work here with no restrictions and no employer based work permit. - The 1st time I was there, the guy went into the back to talk to someone with more updated information I suspect - and he came back and he simply stated to me that After I got my ARC, I could work in Taiwan. - I said, that's it.. He said yes - "Things just recently changed"

The second time I was there (Picking up my ARC) I asked them again ? different person and shockingly, the same answer ... Yes, you can now work in Taiwan, you need nothing more to work in Taiwan .... I asked when this information changed ? the lady said, "This year" she did not know what month.

Si this supports the information of Article 48 of the Employment Services Act.

Here is the link:

So, I pose the question to the forum .... Is this information true?

Can people that are married to Taiwan Nationals and have permanent residency rights based on that marriage now freely work in Taiwan without any kind of Work Permit, Work Visa, Personal work visa etc????

Thanks in advance

Randy Bennett

Postby Huang Guang Chen » 21 Aug 2003, 23:19

As far as I know, yeah.

Weird isn't it?

In any case Hartzell's your man. If he says so then there's really no need asking the rest of us. Though I understand why you would.

Enjoy the smidgeon of freedom your spouse would no doubt enjoy if she was in your home country.

Next step, power to vote. I wanna get me some of those special payments.

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Huang Guang Chen
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Postby Hartzell » 22 Aug 2003, 14:38

First you get the Joining Family Resident Visa (based on marriage). Then you have to get your ARC within 15 days, and obviously that will be based on marriage.

Then you have free work rights.
Richard W. Hartzell
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Neihu District, Taipei (114)
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How do I know (JFRV)

Postby Bennco » 22 Aug 2003, 14:42

Richard - (Or Any kind soul out there who has more information than me... which is probably most of you)

How do I know if I have a JFRV - what document do I need to look at - and what should I look for?



Postby Bassman » 22 Aug 2003, 15:45

Hello!!!! Why was my post deleted.

I wasn't aware that the mod. could just invent new rules about posting without any notice. Censorship:roll: has hit forumosa. :wink:

I may not have posted anything more than what other posters had already stated but that is NO reason for deleting the post. NO rules were broken at all.

Someone got an itchy delete finger? :roll: I can see a few other posts have vanished too. What is the story? :twisted:
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Buxiban Laoban (bǔxíbān lǎobǎn)
Buxiban Laoban (bǔxíbān lǎobǎn)
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Postby Anonymous » 22 Aug 2003, 16:03

it's here boss:

(Randy: by opening ulti0ple identical threads, you fragment all subsequent replies making the information harder to find.)

Postby Bennco » 22 Aug 2003, 16:21

Sorry if I am doing something wrong - my forum knowledge is not what it shoud be I'm sure - I know that I posted my initial topic in a couple of different forums, just because I thought it was relivant to differnt groups (Marriage, Working issues etc)

If this was opening multiple identical 'threads', I am sorry - I will post only one topic in the future.

Regarding my last question, do you know how I can check to see if I have the JFRV or not?


Postby Anonymous » 22 Aug 2003, 16:28

have you tried looking at the visa in your passport?

Postby Bennco » 22 Aug 2003, 16:37

Yes - but not only does it say "USED" (As if it is no longer needed and I am now suppose to be coming and going on my ARC and re-entry permit) - but nowhere on it says JFRV - It does say "resident"

I have my ARC, I have my re-entry permit and I have this visa.

Here is a link - please take a look at it and tell me what you think

Postby Anonymous » 22 Aug 2003, 16:43

if you're on a JFRV, on your ARC it will have a notation of your Taiwan spouse's name.

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