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AIT webpage about getting married (or divorced)

Procedures, processes, JFRV, potential documentation difficulties, whether to get married in Taiwan or overseas, as well as legal basis for divorce in Taiwan, including all related problems and pitfalls, child custody, alimony payments, abandonment, extra-marital affairs, and other complications...
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AIT webpage about getting married (or divorced)

Postby goose egg » 04 Oct 2005, 09:29

I haven't seen any explicit information for US citizens in this forum about getting hitched in Taiwan. Maybe because the AIT maintains a clear and simple page on their own webpage:

There are links to forms (affidavits) as well as links to the rest of the AIT's American Citizen Services

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Re: AIT webpage about getting married (or divorced)

Postby Bookmark » 07 Apr 2011, 10:15

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Re: AIT webpage about getting married (or divorced)

Postby pgdaddy1 » 08 Apr 2011, 17:37

I noticed that on this very page the AIT states that:

"Unless otherwise agreed, the father gets custody of the children".

BS. And contradicting entirely the US Department of State web page on child matters in Taiwan.

"CUSTODY DISPUTES: ...... by law the custody is granted to the mother unless there are known facts of inappropriate behavior, mental or social problems."

Which is more accurate. But the same page also includes glaring inaccuracies.
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