Can a 20 yr old marry without parental consent?

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Re: can my GF(20-yrs-old) marry without parental consent?

Postby Dragonbones » 20 Feb 2010, 18:47

I am a City Girl wrote:Yes, they can get married with parents consents if they are not 16 years old yet.

No, that's if they are not 20 yet, acc. to our reading of the law.

divea wrote:DB, do you mean a 16 year old can get married in Taiwan with parental consent???

Yes, 16-19 with consent, and 20+ with or without consent. TTBOMK.
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Re: can my GF(20-yrs-old) marry without parental consent?

Postby sandman » 21 Feb 2010, 16:18

The answer to the pertinent question is "yes."
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Re: can my GF(20-yrs-old) marry without parental consent?

Postby Mr He » 24 Feb 2010, 18:13

sandman wrote:The answer to the pertinent question is "yes."

Well, if you marry one that age, but you aren't allowed to boink her, what's the point?
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