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Half chinese / Half western

Who can and cannot be a dual national, as well as the joys and frustrations accompanying that status. Includes ROC Passport and Military Conscription issues
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Postby Mr He » 19 Dec 2002, 15:06

Thanks Tigerman. That answer made me a great deal happier. My girls haven't encountered anything they perceive as negative yet. However, they are both still of kindergarten age and have only received a welcoming reception so far.
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Mr He
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Postby miso » 05 Sep 2003, 06:53

Don't have any experience with it personally, but I know some people who grew up trilingual. The might have mixed the languages up a little at an early age, but not for long. I would at least try to speak both languages so that your kids at least understand them both. If they don't want to speak Chinese...well then you can't force them. I once had a Japanese teacher, who was complaining about her son, not wanting to talk Japanese. You just can't force your kids, but if you live in Taiwan, you can just make them play with Chinese speaking kids or send them over to the grandparents, who I guess don't speak English....I'm sure they will be grateful later.
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Combat Zone Mama-san (zhànqū māma sāng)
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Re: Half chinese / Half western

Postby yellow.watermelons » 11 Jul 2012, 16:57

When I think of huen xue er I think wasian - half white half Asian. I know SO MANY of them but almost almost no blasians - half black half Asian - which is what I am. My dad is black and my mom is Taiwanese. When I was 5, my mom started me on Chinese school. After 9 years of Sunday Chinese school, I still can't say my Chinese is perfect or even close to being perfect. But still, almost every year I come to Taiwan and I can get by on my "Chinglish."

Being any mix of black makes would probably make you seem more black than any other race. But being half Asian also, gave me the Asian eyes. Sometimes people think I'm just a really dark Asian. When I went to south Taiwan, many people there were the same skin tone as me. But other times they assume I'm full black.

In America as I was growing up, there have been several times that someone (usally a black woman) tells me that I'm really beautiful. Or they ask what race I am or if that Asian lady was my mom.
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
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