Need info on how to possibly regain my Taiwan citizenship

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Need info on how to possibly regain my Taiwan citizenship

Postby flyingmantis » 23 Feb 2009, 15:13


I'd apprecate any comment or suggestions on my issue.

I was born in Taiwan and came to the States when I was 13. When I came to the state, I didn't have my own passport. Back then, I think all minors travel on their parents passport. I recalled my mother's passport had a page that contain my photo. Anyway, I became a US citizen over time. Both of my parents have past away. I think the only thing that I have that can actually prove that I was born in Taiwan is the "birthplace" field on my US passport.

I've been thinking about buying some real estate in Taiwan, and I thought that it would make the whole process a lot easier if I have a Taiwanese ID. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can possibly retain a Taiwanese ID again? I don't have any documentation about my life in Taiwan at all. I mean I remember which grades school I went to, but that's about it. I don't remember the addresses where we used to live and I can't remember which hospital I was born in.

Once again, thanks for any tip or advice in advance.

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Re: Need info on how to possibly regain my Taiwan citizenship

Postby bismarck » 23 Feb 2009, 15:27

Have you tried contacting the nearest Taiwanese Trade Office?
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