Asking for help from a binational gay couple

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Asking for help from a binational gay couple

Postby Guest » 31 Oct 2000, 16:57

Some one please give me some advice, I am extremely depreased:

I am a Taiwanes guy currently live in USA. Due to the expiration of my student visa, I have to move back to Taiwan. My American boy friend is a blue collar guy who holds a 2 year community college degree in automobile tech. He would like to move to Taiwan with me, but It seems there is no way he can get a work permit in Taiwan because he has no degree.

People suggest him go to the Language school first. But someone please tell me how can he stay in Taiwan legally after the languge school? Is there any way around?

Any information will help.

If you would like to contact me in person, please write to

Thank you.

Asking for help from a binational gay couple

Postby Guest » 01 Nov 2000, 03:57

In terms of a foreigner obtaining a resident visa to live in Taiwan, I suggest that you refer to my comments in this FORUM under the "Desperate - Clock is Ticking" inquiry.

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